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Our promises

A good network infrastructure is the solid ground for digitalization in the public transport sector. To implement e-Ticketing, Public WiFi and dynamic passenger information systems, robust and intelligent Ethernet Switches are needed. The IBIS-IP and IPxPT, standards are defined to standardize data and services. The main goal of the standardization is to create better services with easy to use components that are vendorindependent. TRONTEQ is your partner for modern IP networks in public transport vehicles. We provide products and services for retrofit or new vehicles, from planning the network to the first installation.


Who we are and what makes us special:

How you can benefit:

We develop and produce
intelligent Ethernet Switches for public transport applications only. You get customized and tailored network  solutions for your  specific requirement.

You as a customer are the center of our universe. We support our customers in every aspect of IP networks in vehicles. Planning. Product fitting. Implementing.
First operation. Retrofit. Service.

We make simple and easy to use products to make your life more convenient. Easy to use technology starts  with a clean cut webinterface that can be used by nearly everybody.

Regardless which requirement
you have for IP networks - we
have the right solution. With a
suitable portfolio and a quick
turn customization you are in
good hands with us.

We focus on quality of our products and services. For us every detail counts. We are
proud that all of our products are developed, produced and Made in Germany.

Protect your investment with
future proofed products that
can be remotely upgraded with
a piece of software. You don‘t
need to replace the Hardware.
Save installation costs.

We focus on the best price-performance ratio for our customers. We strive to deliver fitting products for your budget. Therefore we introduced the Lite
and Expandable Switches.

You have a special requirement
or problem? Contact us! We
see ourselves as partners for
transport operators, vehicle
manufacturers and system

Our ROQSTAR Expandable Switch is unique in the market place. With that  Switch you are able to upgrade Software features on the run. Save money. Stay  flexible. Be ready for future requirements.

5 years of product warranty
and at least 10 year guaranteed
availability of the products. We
build products you can rely on.
High quality. Developed and made by experts.
Made in Germany.