Intelligent IP networks at IT-Trans trade show in Karlsruhe (Kopie 1)


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Visit us at the IT-Trans in Karlsruhe and get firt hand information about intelligent IP networks in public transport vehicles. We answer your questions regarding

  • Generic IP networks in Buses, Trams and LRVs
  • IT-Security in on vehicle networks, how-to's
  • Plug&play and maintenance-free networks, how-to's



Rugged Ethernet Switches for perfect IP networks in vehicles.

For the first time TRONTEQ is presenting it’s solutions at the IT-Trans fair in Karlsruhe. The main focus are IP netwokrs for public transport vehicles. A good network infrastructure is the solid ground for digitalization in the public transport sector. To implement e-Ticketing, Public WiFi and dynamic passenger information systems, robust and intelligent Ethernet Switches are needed. With the product familiy „ROQSTAR“ TRONTEQ is presenting it’s ruggend Ethernet Switch with M12 connectors that are suitable for shock and vibriation requirements of Buses and Trams. With ROQSTAR we provide a Ethernet Switches that cover a wide range of applications for vehicle manufacturers, public transport operators and authorities. Therefore we introduced Unmanaged, Lite Managed, Full Managed and Security Managed Switches. Further TRONTEQ provides PoE/PoE+ Switches in combination with Fast or Gigabit Ethernet Switches. Click here for further information: ROQSTAR Managed/PoE Switches for public transport.


The concept of „Expandable“ Ethernet Switches

TRONTEQ presents the unique concept of „Expandable“ Ethernet Switches as a highlight at the IT-Trans 2018. The concept is easy and effective: Because of long product life cycles of public transport vehicles authorities and operator are often unsure which new technological challenges will present themselfs in 5-10 years in the future. This is why they tend to buy high performance Ethernet Switches to be prepared for future requirements. But that comes with an expense: high acquiring costs. Although only a small portion of the features are used immediatly, the high performance switch has to be paid right away. By using the ROQSTAR Expandable Switch that will change forever. The ROQSTAR Expandable Switch is a Unmanaged Switch that is prepared to be upgraded to Lite or Full Managed ROQSTAR Switch. The main feature is that the Switch can be upgraded with a new software that contains certain management features. The upgrade is performed with a USB dongle or via network and the new features can be used immedatly. That means that you only pay functions when you realy need them. You don’t need to prepay, you don’t need to change hardware. You cut the initial and total acquiring costs and still have the flexibility to react to new requirements.


ROQSTAR Security NAT Switch -  a perfect all-round device

The robust M12 Ethernet Switch ROQSTAR Security is a multifunctional Switch with integrated NAT and Firewall function. That allows to realize important network functions like IBIS-IP traction on Tramways or modern e-ticketing solutions on Buses. With the NAT/Firewall features services with sensitive data like public WiFi or cashless payments can be implemented quite easily. With the NAT functionality it is possible to hide certain IP devices from the rest of the network, additionally the Firewall can be used to reject or drop all or certain incoming inquires. That makes the network more secure by realizing sensitive on-vehicle-services.

We would like to share our know-how and experience with you and are eager to help you mastering your IP network-challenges. Join us at our booth B16 in the dm-arena. Please contact us at and arrange an appointment with our sales team. We will be pleased to send you an admission ticket for the IT TRANS, if required.



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