TRONTEQ is now a principle member of ITxPT


ITxPT association

ITxPT stands for "Information Technology for Public Transport" and is an international association of Public Transport Authorities, Public Transport Operators and IT-suppliers of the public transport industry. The aim of ITxPT is to establish an open, unified European standard for vehicle installation and communication systems. The concept is based on the open internet protocol (IP). That will connect and manage all on-board systems such as video surveillance, passenger information, ticketing, passenger counting systems via a central network. ITxPT also specifies the backend and cloud based data services.


ROQSTAR Ethernet switches ideal IP-networks

A reliant and intelligent IP network is vital for all subsystems on the vehicle. TRONTEQ's product family ROQSTAR are rugged M12 Ethernet switches that provide the optimal network infrastructure for buses and rail vehicles. Depending on the requirements and network architecture, vehicle manufacturers and public transport companies can choose from:

- Simple, affordable plug and play switches

- PoE switches, which supply the end users with power via the ethernet data cable

- 8, 10 or 16-port switches

- Intelligent managed switches for simple IP addresses assignment, virtual network separation and better diagnostics of the network


By joining the ITxPT Association, TRONTEQ aims to help shape the standardization of digitalisation in public transport. Even though the IP switches themselves only transmit data, they are the backbone of all communication.


First ITxPT implementations in Nordic

The implementation of the ITxPT standards is defined at three levels:

-       Vehicles

-       IT modules

-       IT backend/cloud

After a defined test process with the requirements of ITxPT tested. Once the tests have been passed, an ITxPT label is issued and the vehicle / IT module / backend is published in a catalog. This means that transport companies and operators always have an accurate market overview.

First ITxPT projects have already started in Scandinavia. TRONTEQ switches are already in use in Norway and Finland. With the official ITxPT label, the Ethernet switch manufacturer hopes for further access to the European and global Public Transport market.

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