Ethernet Remote I/O Module QUBI-RIO 100


The Ethernet Remote I/O Module is designed for laboratory and industrial applications and is used for test automation. The QUBI RIO-100 module carries 24 power relays (12A each) and allows easy and quick  simulation of funtional and diagnosis tests, applied for example during development for control unit tests.

 These concern controls units used in various sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Automation technology
  • Construction machinery 
  • Motor and commercial vehicules

Wherever you use the QUBI-RIO device, the open programming interface ensures quick and easy integration in existing test automations: the device is charaterized by system openess and easy application. Find out more



Ihre Vorteile auf einem Blick

  • hohe Schaltleistung bis zu 12A pro Kanal
  • offene Programmierschnittstelle über Ethernet TCP/IP
  • hohe Testabdeckung und Automatisierung der Tests
  • Prozessoptimierung in der Produktqualitätssicherung
  • dezentrale Installation mit Remote Zugriff
  • einfache Integration in bestehende Systeme
  • freie Programmierung mit C, C#, C++, VB.NET, Java
  • komfortables Webinterface
  • umfassende Diagnose- und Monitoring-Möglichkeiten
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • einfaches Firmwareupdate über Ethernet
  • keine Software-Lizenzkosten
  • keine Treiber notwendig



Technical data

Software Key Features

Application fields

  • Open programming interface:
    C,C#,C++, VB.NET, Java
  • Web interface, Firmware update
  • Operating status monitoring
  • Functional and diagnosis tests
  • Device Under Test simulation
  • Cable breakage and short-circuit  simulation
  • Product validation 

Environmental conditions

Electric characteristics

  • Operating temperature: between -40°C and +70°C
  • Storage and transportation temperature: between -45°C and +75°C
  • relative humidity: 10% to 95%
  • Circuit voltage: 9VDC bis 60VDC
  • Power consumption: 13W
  • Controlling interface: USB2.0/100BASE-TX

Scope of supply

  • scope of supply: QUBI RIO-100, PC software, plug-in connector for relay contacts
  • PC software: Web interface, source code 

Web interface

Relay Control
Stand-alone time switch





Voltage interruption simulation

Practical case:              In practice, multiple devices are often supplied from a single voltage source. It may thus occur that the devices momentarily overload the voltage source, for example in the case of inrush current or of an internal error. The result of an overload is a stress scenario for the intact devices connected to the voltage source: supply voltage breaks down, devices switch off, current consumption regresses, voltage stabilizes and devices switch back on. In the worst case, the device will be exposed to constant voltage failure and its duration cannot be predicted.


Initial situation:              It must be established, that a device withstands constant failure of the supply voltage. Therefore, the device must be subjected to voltage failure with the help of an automated test.


Solution:                       Voltage interruption simulation with QUBI RIO-100 relays. The specimen’s power supply line is sporadically divided by the QUBI RIO-100 relays.



QUBI RIO-100:              TRONTEQ’s RIO-100 features 24 high-performance power relays with 12A/240VA each. Its compact design, extended temperature range (9.6V-60V), and web interface are further key features. Communication is possible via USB of Ethernet. Software is accessed via an open programming interface. A server/client communication is set up to access the system’s IO socket. The user determines the high-level or scripting language for programming: C++, C#, VB, Phyton, Perl, PHP. IO access times are under 4 ms.



Advantages:                 Robust relays: 12A switching and control current

Parallel testing of up to 24 specimens with one QUBI RIO-100

                                   Flexibility due to the open programming interface

                                   Use of preexisting LAN infrastructure (network, remote)




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12A relay module



24 relays 12A each

2A relay module



24 relays 2A each

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