IP ntworks in communal and agricultural vehicles

IP networks for video systems


Agricultural machines and municipal vehicles are usually big and confusing. Common rear view mirror solutions are not sufficient to see dangerous onbjects. Several IP-cameras are used to get a better view from different angels.

Gigabit Ethernet Switch with PoE

By using rugged IP67 Gigabit Ethernet Switch from TRONTEQ it is possible to connect up to 8 high definition IP-cameras on a vehicle. Further the Switch can act as a power source with a PoE option with up to 60 Watts. The Switch is IEEE 801.at and af complient and is able to provide up to 30 watts per port.

Your benetifs:

  • high definition video stream 
  • no extra power cabeling due to PoE
  • all IP devices are interconnected

Used product: ROQSTAR Gigabit Switch

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