On-board IP-Networks

The Ethernet technology is also present in the public transportation. Especially in buses, trams and metros Ethernet based networks are more and more preferred. The reason is that the data volume has increased
significantly over the years. Traditional communication protocols such as the IBIS protocol in buses provide
limited bandwidth to transfer video data in surveillance applications. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is used to cut cabeling and installation costs.

In public transportation vehicles different network participants must be connected. Those can be cameras for surveillance of the passenger compartment or passenger countig systems and dynamic passenger information systems . Further you‘ll find video recorder systems, LTE router and a central board control unit in buses. Further modern buses provide e-ticket validators. All those devices have to be connected into a common system.

With the special designed M12 Ethernet Switches for public transportation it is easy to connect all network participants. By using the Ethernet technology, manufacturers of public transport vehicles are able to cut costs for cabeling. And on the other hand they are able to provide first class services to their passengers. Such as cashless payment systems, public WiFi, dynamic passenger information or video surveillance for  more onboard safety.

Your benefits

  • Standardized and future proof solution with IBIS-IP, ITxPT compliant products
  • Enables you to use a wide range of passenger services
  • Dynamic passenger information systems
  • Faster diagnosis and repair in event of failure
  • Use of passenger counting systems for optimized fleet management
  • Improvement of passenger services e.g. WiFi,
  • Cutting installation and cabeling cost by using PoE
  • Remote accessability and diagnosis



1. In public transport it is important to plan as space-saving as possible in order to transport as many passengers as possible. Due to the high port density and the extreme compactness, the switch is suitable for narrow installation spaces. This means that the switch can be installed almost anywhere in the vehicle without taking up much space. In addition, many devices can be connected to the switch, which contributes to its flexibility.


2. Depending on which switch is used, an M12 connector or M12 click connector is used. Switches that have the M12 click connector make it much easier to wire the devices. No more screwing or turning, the cables can be plugged into the switch without losing safety. 


3. A managed switch can be installed very easily by plug&play, as it can be pre-programmed to customer specifications. The delivered switch therefore requires no further programming and can be installed in the vehicle immediately.


4. A suitable device is available for every application, with almost uniform dimensions. The switches are flexible and can be used in many different ways.


Your benefits when using a ROQSTAR 16 Port Managed PoE Switch:

  • High port density allowing many devices to be connected
  • M12 click connector for easy wiring
  • Plug&Play preconfiguration with customer configuration




1. The switch does not always have to be freely accessible, as the firmware and configuration updates are centrally installed in the backend, which makes configuration much easier.


2. The network configuration is automated and works via a central device. The switch receives the data via a router and can thus pass it on to the entire IP network. This makes it easy to configure the IP network.


3. Devices that are to be integrated into the network are configured automatically; these peripheral devices do not need to be pre-programmed, but are configured via the IP network or the switch.


4. The switches can be exchanged during operation via plug&play, as they are automatically configured via the IP network This means that the same network configuration can be maintained even if they are replaced.


Configuration examples:

    Structuring a Virtual Local Area Network to keep an Overview


    Current situation:

    Cameras, displays or validators must be networked with each other, even though they logically have nothing to do with each other, just because they are part of the same physical network. A camera should not pass on its data to the entire network, because the data is usually uninteresting for other participants and blocks unnecessary network capacity.


    Possible situation:

    Devices in a physical network can be logically separated by setting up a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). A VLAN can be configured in such a way that the switch to which the devices are connected only passes on the data to certain IP addresses and thus devices. This reduces unnecessary data transfer and improves the network quality. It is also easier to manage, as a logically separated network is easier to handle and therefore less prone to errors.


    Your benefits when using ROQSTAR Managed Switch:

    • Reliable and better on vehicle functions
    • Higher network availability for crucial functions
    • Impovement of network network performance

    IP traction


    Current situation:

    IP-based devices such as passenger counters, cameras and displays are increasingly used in public transport. The network therefor should be well structured, because if for example a new wagon is attached to a train, the network can hardly communicate with the new wagon and therefore has to be modified.


    Possible situation:

    The network is segmented, i.e. the devices in a wagon are in their own subnetwork, which is possible with a managed switch. In order to communicate with other wagons/ sub-networks, a switch with NAT functionality is required.

    This allows all wagons to be assigned the same IP address, but still communicate with each other. This means that all wagons have the same network configuration and therefore once set up it is easy to clone and configure the whole fleet.


    Your benefits when using ROQSAR Gigabit Managed PoE Switch:

    • IBIS-IP traction solution according to VDV 301-2-14
    • All IP devices are interconnected
    • Cut costs for IP set up and maintenance

    Security. Shielding important information of the normal data transfer


    Current situation:

    Highly sensitive digital data is increasingly being incorporated into the data flow of the IP network, as payment methods such as credit card payment or check-in/check-out are no longer a rarity. This data is processed in the same way as insensitive information data.


    Possible situation:

    Through the firewall/NAT functionality of the switch, sensitive data can be separated from the rest of the IP network by giving the devices with sensitive data their own physical communication paths.


    Your benefits when using a ROQSTAR Gigabit Managed PoE Switch:

    • No additional trouter or switch required
    • Simple implementation through pre-configuration of the switch
    • Saving of cables and thus weak points



    1. The switch is physically connected to all devices and is therefore the hub of the IP network. It is therefore well suited for diagnostics.


    2. A switch can provide all diagnostic data directly over the network. The connection status can therefore be viewed and a message is output in the event of an error.


    3. Switches equipped with PoE can view the power supply of individual devices and thus monitor and, in case of problems, transmit the error data via the network so that errors can be corrected quickly. A managed PoE switch is also able to control the supply status. This means that a device which reserves power capacity but does not use it blocks the power supply. The managed function on the PoE switch allows this unused reservation to be used by making this power package available to other devices. But also the connection status and switch status can be used for monitoring.


    4. The switches are able to keep port statistics and make them available over the network. Thus the port statistics contribute to the diagnosis in case of problems. The same applies to the event log, from which problem cases and more precise data on what happened can be read out. In addition, the switches can perform cable tests to provide remote diagnosis.

    Your benefits when using a ROQSTAR Managed PoE Switch:

    • See the link status
    • See the switch status
    • See the power supply status


      Maintaining a network can be very cumbersome and thus drive up costs. But with a properly configured IP network, you have full visibility and control over what is happening on the IP network.



      Fast exchange of IP devices


      Current situation:

      Many devices such as cameras, displays or validators are integrated into a network on the bus. If a device breaks down, the replacement device has to be configured in the workshop and can only be installed after that. This prolongs the service time of the buses and thus drives up costs.


      Possible situation:

      A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server has the option of automatically assigning IP addresses to the connected IP devices. This can be done either through a predefined pool of IP addresses or through a specific port that is assigned exactly one IP address. Therefore the new IP subscriber does not have to be pre-configured during maintenance and the device can be easily installed and configured by the IP network or by a managed switch.

      This means that an IP device can be replaced by any person from your workshop.

      Precisely because this option makes maintenance so much more effective and easier, all ROQSTAR Managed Switches support both DHCP options!


      Your benefits when using a ROQSTAR Managed Switch:

      • Easy maintenance of the vehicle network
      • Quick exchange of IP devices during maintenance
      • Saving in maintenance costs

      Less cables due to Power over Ethernet


      Current situation:

      Devices in the network require power. This means that each device is either connected to the on-board computer or already connected to a switch for data transfer. If the device is already connected to a switch, you save the long cable ways to the on-board computer for each device. But still the devices need power. So each device has another cable to a power source. This takes up space and, especially important for electric buses, you drive around unnecessarily with a lot of weight every day.


      Possible situation:

      With Power over Ethernet (PoE) the cable clutter is a thing of the past. You can transfer data and power to the connected IP devices via a single cable. PoE not only helps to save cabling costs when installing the IP network, it also greatly simplifies maintenance, since cable paths are shorter, you have a better view and thus reduce maintenance time. Furthermore, with one input voltage, no additional devices are needed to supply power to the end users.

      These are exactly the reasons why all our ROQSTAR switches are available with the PoE function!

      Your benefits when using a ROQSTAR Gigabit Managed PoE Switch:

      • Save time and space
      • Unload unnecessary weight
      • Cost saving due to cable savings

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